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Waiting on Wires June 24, 2008

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So the first square of my Raku Suri Stole is finished. It’s waiting on the blocking wires I ordered to get here, so I can block it and see how it’s going to look.

I thought about waiting for the wires before I start the second square, but I want to finish it, and get on to the next big project. I’m going to start the second square tonight. I did take enough of a break to knit a baby hat.  I used yarn leftover from my Cables and Lace sweater.  I still have more…

Baby hat from the topBaby hat from the side

I’ve started another one that’ll be my mindless knitting for when the shawl is driving me crazy.

I’ve also decided to never take baby clothes to Once Upon a Child again.  A few weeks ago I took 5 boxes out there and came back with 5 boxes and $13, which probably didn’t even pay for my gas.  I broke the clothes up into lots and sold every one of them on Ebay.  Some of the auctions aren’t quite finished yet, but so far, I have $50 in my Paypal account.  The post office is only a couple miles from my house, too, versus the 30 to OUAC.  It’s been a long time since I’ve sold anything on Ebay, and they’ve made some really obnoxious changes, though.  Like now sellers can only leave positive feedback.  Why even give the option of leaving feedback if people aren’t allowed to really leave feedback?  I get that some sellers use feedback as retaliation, but so do buyers.  What recourse do you have when someone doesn’t pay now?  I’ve never really been fond of ebay, but unfortunately, it’s still the best option for things like this.


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